Parenting Tips

7 Time Management Tips for Kids

Thursday November 9, 2017

In today's busy, hectic world, it's difficult to get it all done. Time management is hard enough for adults! Let's give our kids a chance to master what precious little time they have with these 7 tips. 

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Success Stories

The Bilingual Boost – Success through Language

Wednesday October 25, 2017

Tiffany is a prime example of what's possible when early learning and language cross. Even though data supports her growth, there’s no disputing that Tiffany is especially wise for her age.

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Study Skills

Say it Right! Phonics Sounds Practice for Kids

Wednesday October 11, 2017

If your children need a little help with their pronunciation (not uncommon!), then this collection of sound charts and audio files will be helpful! Get your kids on the road to eloquence.

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Math Tips

Why Kids Struggle with Math (From the Experts)

Thursday September 21, 2017

Math is one of the subjects kids struggle with most. Kumon instructor Krishnan Venkatraman joined CBC's Jason Turnbull to talk numbers, math and how to get kids moving towards their goals.

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Math Tips

Inspiring a Love of Math in Your Children

Sunday September 10, 2017

“When am I ever going to use Math?" The next time you are faced with this question, let your kids know that there are many ways they will use math skills throughout their entire lives!

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