Middle School

Parenting Tips

3 Tips to Merge Learning with Holidays

Wednesday December 14, 2016

Whether you’re hopping on a plane or taking a road trip, keep your children learning and engaged during your travels.

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Math Tips

The Perception of Math: Venus vs. Mars

Thursday November 24, 2016

Recent studies point to girls experiencing more math anxiety than boys – and stereotypes could be to blame. 

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Success Stories

Maximizing a Child’s Curiosity and Passion for Learning

Saturday November 19, 2016

Kaavya has her mom to thank for her success. Her passion was identified at an early age and today, she strives to be the best she can be! 

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Parenting Tips

Tutorial: How to Read a Progress Report

Tuesday November 15, 2016

Progress reports are a common tool used to communicate a child's progress leading up to their first report card of the year. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of them!

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Parenting Tips

The Best Food for Thought

Thursday November 10, 2016

Just like parents, children are what they eat! Cara Rosenbloom, registered dietitian and mom, shares what kind of food can help fuel children’s minds and learning. 

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