Interview: Building a Kumon Routine

Friday April 17, 2020
By Kumon Canada
Parenting Tips

Kumon is known for promoting strong study habits and helping students gain strong time management skills. It’s hard work but how do our students obtain those skills?  We sat down with Kumon Parents and Instructors: Anita, Anne, Leslie and Natasha, to chat about how they built a solid Kumon Routine to share with other busy families!  


Leslie: So, if we want to keep the home routine super solid, what can you suggest?

Anita: I feel that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. So, you must invest the time. Once you set the tone, your child will know, and they will get into that habit. Have a special space, set a time, and that will help a lot. So, invest the time for the first 21 days. Make Kumon your priority to make it a habit.

Leslie: 21 days. Excellent tip!

Anne: Kumon is every day so it’s better to build a routine for it. At my house, it’s 4 o’clock. At 4 o’clock I call out, “Kumon!” and they’ll (Anne’s children) go to their desk in the Livingroom and work on their Kumon. They know the routine.

Natasha: I agree. It’s really important to have some sort of routine. Depending on other activities your family might have and the working schedule of the parent, you might even consider a weekly routine. Maybe… Mondays it’s attending class, Tuesdays it’s after gymnastics, and maybe Wednesdays you can manage to do it first thing in the morning!

Leslie: I see, so is this what’s happening with your kids at your house?

Natasha: Yes. I always thought first thing in the morning would be best. So, on the weekends we do it first thing in the morning because we have the flexibility, but weekdays, we really can’t, or no one will make it out the door!

Anita: Work before play!

Leslie: Mr. Kumon used to say, “get it out of the way!”

Anne: Every family is different. One thing that is common, though, is that Kumon is one of the things they have to do every day. And they can’t procrastinate and push it until later. If you have a checklist, make sure that Kumon is high on that checklist. Don’t wait for bedtime to get to it.

Leslie: That plays into what you said, Anita, about building that 21-day habit to start things off and then keep that going throughout their whole Kumon career.

Anne: I have a family that has been attending my Kumon Centre for many many years and each year they go to Mexico. I asked her if she had any tips that we could share with other parents and she told me, they do it before they start their activities for the day. “Early morning… get it done! Then we play.”

Thank you, Anita, Anne, Leslie and Natasha, for sharing your tips on how you’ve built your Kumon Routine!

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