Student Stories

Success Stories

The Power of Positivity

Thursday April 20, 2017

Meet Darshil. At first glance, he may appear to be just a regular 8-year-old boy. There’s one key difference though - Darshil has better math skills than most full-grown adults.

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Success Stories

Kids’ Stories of Optimism, Curiosity and Success

Friday February 10, 2017

We believe all our Kumon students are headed towards success, but these success stories are sure to impress!

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Math Tips

The Perception of Math: Venus vs. Mars

Thursday November 24, 2016

Recent studies point to girls experiencing more math anxiety than boys – and stereotypes could be to blame. 

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Study Skills

4 Tips to Get the Most out of Studying

Tuesday June 14, 2016

To perform at a high level, kids need to master the art of studying. Help your teen crush exam stress with these 4 study tips!

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Success Stories

From Average to Excellent

Thursday March 24, 2016

Sherilyn’s Kumon experience has transformed her into a confident student with increased perseverance. Find out what she has accomplished since joining Kumon. 

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